Local Excursions

Wooranna Park Primary may take students outside of school grounds to undertake educational activities in the local area. The purpose of this form is to obtain Parent/Guardian consent for local excursions during 2023.  This form does not provide consent for excursions that go beyond the local area.


Local excursions

Local excursions are excursions to locations within walking distance of the school and do not involve ‘Adventure Activities’. Local excursions that your child may participate in throughout 2022 could include:

  • Physical Education lessons and activities across the road at Lois Twohig Reserve
  • Environmental Walking lessons around the school area

Notification of local excursions

Wooranna Park Primary will NOT seek further consent from you before local excursions take place. However, we will provide advance notice to parents/carers of upcoming local excursions through the school commucations channels.  For local excursions that occur on a recurring basis, Wooranna Park Primary will notify Parents/Guardians once only prior to the commencement of the recurring event.


Please keep the school informed of any updated contact details to ensure you receive these notifications.


First aid and medical attention

Where necessary, school staff will administer first aid.  School staff will also seek emergency medical attention for your child if it is considered reasonably necessary. Any costs associated with student injury rest with Parents/Guardians unless the Department of Education and Training is liable in negligence (liability is not automatic).


Accident and ambulance cover

The Department of Education and Training does not provide student accident insurance or ambulance cover. Parents may wish to obtain this cover, depending on their health insurance arrangements and any other personal considerations.


Parent/Guardian consent for local excursions in 2023

I have read all of the above information in relation to local excursions.


I understand that to ensure the school has up-to-date health and contact information about my child, I need to inform the school if this information changes the school will notify me prior to a local excursion(s) taking place.


I may withdraw my consent for any/all local excursions at any time prior to the day of the excursion by contacting the school office on 03 9795 2007.


I give permission for my child ___________________________________________ (full name) in Year level  __________  to attend local excursions in 2023.


Parent/Guardian: _______________________________________ (full name)


_______________________________________ (signature)       _______________ (date)


In case of emergency, I can be contacted on: ____________________________ or ______________________             


Alternative emergency contact person:


Name: ____________________________  Relationship to student: ____________________________


Phone number: ____________________________