School Council

The School Council is a body made up of parents and staff that is responsible for assisting in the efficient governance of the school, making sure that decisions are made in the best interest of students, and making sure that the school is compliant with government regulations.

We do this by monitoring and approving the school finances, including the budget and contracts; providing oversight and approval with regards to uniform, after school care, cleaning, and the hiring of school facilities to outside groups; approving pupil-free dates; reviewing and approving some school policies; establishing sub-committees; developing the school philosophy; and supporting the school in the development and implementation of the School Strategic Plan and the Annual Implementation Plan.

The School Council usually meets on the 4th Tuesday of the month (unless that falls during school holidays), and the meetings run for approximately one and a half hours, depending on what needs to be discussed.

If you would like to read further about School Council responsibilities, you can find information on the Department of Education website.


2023 School Council

School Council Election Results

Standing Orders


Officer Bearers

  • President: Michelle Karton
  • Vice President: Rob Trotter
  • Treasurer: Arshad Jabbar
  • Secretary: Megan van der Velden


School Council Induction Material


Previous School Council Election Results

2022: School Council Election Results