A Message from the Principal

Each student at Wooranna Park Primary School is valued for their individual potential, diverse capabilities and curiosities. Together we aim to grow their understanding of what it takes to be a learner for life, through a shared language that enables each of them to understand themselves.  We strive to ensure that our students are invested in their learning by having them set goals for themselves and listening to their perspectives on their school experience.


We also understand that each student is a unique individual with their own learning needs. We support students learning growth within an environment of questioning, experimenting and experiencing while ensuring that they have access to a curriculum that is cohesive and sequenced throughout their time at Wooranna Park Primary School. 


At Wooranna Park Primary School we encourage students to develop critical and creative thinking skills through respectful and responsible collaboration with their peers so they can be active citizens, meaningfully contributing  to the world around them.


Staff at Wooranna Park Primary School aim to be critical and analytical in their thinking and learning with colleagues and students. Our learning architecture promotes a collaborative, professional community culture that promotes dialogue and inquiry, demonstrates risk taking with learning, and trust and openness. Teachers have a voice in their own professional growth and are respected as capable decision makers. Our Instructional Model, along with aligned High Impact Strategies, ensures that our pedagogical values are explicit.


Our broader school community also plays an important role in the learning at our school. We pride ourselves on our communications with our families which ensure that our community is aware of our learning foci and engagement strategies. As a community we respect parents as active partners in their child’s learning journey. We create opportunities that bring our diverse community together to create a sense that Wooranna Park is more than just a school.


As our Vision states we are striving to create a bright future for every learner, building the foundations for life, in an inclusive and welcoming learning environment.


Amanda Ellaby

Executive Principal