National School Chaplaincy Program

Wooranna Park Primary School has access to the National School Chaplaincy Program, supporting the emotional wellbeing of our students by providing pastoral care services and strategies. This support also extends to our wider school community through confidential counselling, care and support for staff and parents.  Personal difficulties may affect a student’s academic performance and our Chaplain can provide our learners with a positive and encouraging support alternative.


A Chaplain’s role is varied but primarily centred around:

  • Building positive relationships with students.

  • Fostering a supportive and caring school community.

  • Supporting students by enhancing social/ emotional skills through behaviour support programs such as Kids with Courage, Art program and Drumbeat.

  • Running lunchtime activities and other programs.

  • Attending school camps.

  • Running holiday camps

  • Providing spiritual direction to the school community during special times.

  • Working alongside and in conjunction with the existing and growing support team within the school.

  • Encouraging a volunteering mindset, engaging students in activities within the community.

  • Working closely with other support staff and services to nurture and care for our students.

  • Offering support to students, families and school staff where welfare, pastoral and/or spiritual wellbeing is needed, regardless of religion/culture.

  • Fostering partnerships between the school, local churches, businesses and community organizations, to provide a network of local support and assistance.

  • Referring to appropriate support groups and agencies

If you would like your child to access the Chaplaincy program at Wooranna Park Primary School, please talk to their teacher. You will then be asked to fill out a form to consent to your child receiving the chaplaincy services. You may also be asked to fill out a referral form. This form contains relevant information to be provided to the chaplain so that he/she can provide appropriate services to the student.