Back to School Checklist

To help you child/ren be ready for their first day of school in 2023 please make sure you have:


1.  Prepared and labelled your child's school uniform, including a sun smart hat.  The wearing of school uniform is compulsory at Wooranna Park Primary School.


All our uniform pieces can be purchased at PSW, Unit 1, 9-11 South Link, Dandenong South, 3157. 

There is also an online store at:


2.  Paid your 2023 parent contributions electronically from 23 January or at school from 27 January.


Please refer to the Parent Contributions arrangements for 2023 , which includes a one page overview of the Department of Education's Parent Payment Policy for further details.


The office will be open as of Friday 27 January  to receive parent contributions.  However, we offer a variety of payment methods to assist our families:

  • EFTPOS– available at the office
  • BPAY – Individual reference number on your family statement
  • Direct Deposit – to the school’s bank account. Commonwealth Bank – BSB: 063249 ACC: 10045292
  • QKR – Mobile payment app

3.  Purchased and named all your child's items including a lunch box and drink bottle.


4.  Noted that school starts for all children on Monday 30 January. Instruction time will commence at 9am for our year one to six students.  Our new Preps will be arriving from 9:30am.


5.  Emailed the school if your contact details, or the details of your emergency contacts have changed.  Please notify us of your updated details at:


6.  Booked your after school care place with VillageOHSC at:


I do suggest that all parents register their chid/ren for VillageOSHC, as while you are under no obligation to use the service, it could be a support for you in the event of an emergency. 


7.  Update your child's medical profiles to ensure that we have up to date medical informaiton.  If you child has Asthma or Hay Fever you will need to provide an Action Plan for them.  Blank copies are avaliable online or from the office.

We encourage students to take all medications before school.  Please email Ness Moodie at if you have any questions.